Monday, 28 May 2007

reflection of you..

Chris Nemmo - Reflection.MP3 (<- κλικ it)

When everything goes wrong
and you are wondering why
I' ll be there waiting for you
to hold your hand
When everybody sleeps
the night reveals its wings
You don't need to be afraid

I' ll stay here for you

The same old quiet fog
that keeps the day so cold
Reminds me of the times
I spent with you.

It's winter in my soul
so many tears i've shed
This time i'm hopping that you
will bring me warmth again

As I open my eyes
I see the Reflection of you
For i bring in my mind
and your face just reveals me the truth
As i lay down and cry
the closer i get to the stars
Time in time
Your heart will be right next to mine

(αντι αλλου σχολιου, για τη σημερινη περιεργη ημερα).

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